Welcome to my bathouse! I'm Q-LUM, but you can call me Q or Cube if we're close.

I live here on Photuris with my partner, who is a train. My interests include:

being masochistic in video games

drawing on the walls

studying synths (the sapient kind) and sometimes tinkering

hanging with friends and sleeping in the sun

pretending not to be a gay as fuck self insert

This page exists to be a handy reference guide on how to care for your Q-LUM.


Q-LUM is a portable robot with a height of around 10cm. Their body consists of motorized actuators on a lightweight chassis sporting a lovingly crafted, yet economical exoskeleton of aluminum, which is very resistant to corrosion.

Handle with care!

Q-LUM's exoskeleton has about the same structural strength as an ordinary can of soda. Use caution when handling to avoid damage.

Softer parts such as ears and wings are made of polyester. These can't be removed without taking apart the accompanying limb, but they may be hand-washed if care is taken to avoid water entering the joints.

As Q-LUM is not a true synth, they don't have antennae. However, their ears are quite sensitive to sound, as well as being able to echolocate. Their exoskeleton is also integrated with capacitive technology that gives them a limited sense of touch and electroreception depending on humidity and air conditions.

Q-LUM charges their power supply with disposable batteries, using their fangs to form a circuit and draw power. This also works on other conductive objects, such as fruit.


Q-LUM is a robotic bat, which puts them in a weird position relative to common synths, who descend from insects. But as a small animal, their instincts seem to lean more toward prey than predator. In fact, they seem to be designed for larger creatures to chase and bop around, like a mechanical cat toy.

As a non-synth robot, they are even less of a person in the eyes of Morphese society than a pirate synth. Living as a recluse on the underside of Photuris, they've made a nest out of a utility room in an old skyscraper.

The maintenance synths don't mind their presence. They may be earning their keep in a more interesting way than just paying rent...

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