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Morphese, the lepidopteran language, is the most commonly spoken language across a wide volume of Morphese space, acting as the nebula-wide lingua franca. Biotes speak about a zillion different languages, but this is the main one in an interstellar context. Morphese speakers say things like “Could ghost my dudes but that’d be mad arms, eh?” which means “Wouldn’t it be rude not to reply to my friends?”


The species language of synths, intended as a revival of the ancient hymenopteran hive language. In its current form it’s taken on some traits of source code. Its most adamant users are pirates and other militant types, who claim it makes it easier to do calculus in your head. Synthlang speakers say things like «»
which means “Go get fallen on by a piano.”

electrian newspeak

The language of Electrum, a remote planet with an isolated culture. It was created to be a baseline of communication between a diverse group of biote species who originally didn’t have much in common. Its vocabulary is simplistic and laconic. Electrian speakers say things like “KiCT ZC PL.T LP” which means “There are nine people in the building on the left.”